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Christian Education
Surrounding children with the love of Christ.
          Supporting families as they pass the faith to the next generation.
Sending our families into the community to share their faith with others.
Knowing that homes are the THE most influential places of faith formation, Prince of Peace seeks to supplement the faith formation process at hime with the following programs.
Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones is a continuing support program for parents and their children as they remember the promises made at baptism. The program begins with a visit from the church when a child is born and carries on through graduation from high school. It benefits parents by supplying instruction and support, which in turn benefits children with parental guidance and nurturing.
The steps are:
Birth          Visit from a parish nurse
Baptism      Schedule with a pastor
Age 3         Welcome to Sunday School Ritual
Grade 3      Bible Sunday
Grade 4      First Communion Class
Grade 5      Understanding Your Adolescent Parent Workshop
Grade 7      Walking the Talk Family Workshop on Chemical Awareness
Grade 8      Confirmation Matriculation (fall) Family God Project (spring)
Grade 9      Family Service Project (spring) Mentor Program (summer)
Grade 10    PEER Ministry training & Rite of Confirmation
Grade 12    Baccalaureate Service
Sunday School
Classes are held for young people age 3 through seventh grade. The curriculum is lectionary based which means the same readings in worship are used in Sunday School. Part of Sunday school is spent in choir learning both the core hymns of our tradition and the newer and global hymns of the church we are becoming.
Together in Faith
A curriculum of faith practices (bible reading, prayer, worship, serving) where parents and children attend Sunday School together for two or three weeks each year. The benefits of Together in Faith include:
  1. Parents and children growing together in faith.
  2. Builds a bridge between church and home.
  3. Provides a progression for memory work.
  4. Invites children to take part in worship leadership each year.
3-year-olds:   Praying Together
4-year-olds:   The Keys--sorry and forgiveness
Kindergarten: Lord's Prayer
1st grade:     Ten Commandments
2nd grade:     What's Fair
3rd grade:     Opening the Bible
4th grade:     The Confession--Apostles Creed
5th grade:     Real Life Faith
6th grade:     God's Good Stewards
First Sundays (October - May)
Intergenerational Faith Education for All Generations

“Parents have been, are and always will be the most important faith guides, mentors and teachers a kid will ever have.”  Rich Melheim

Wow . . . what a powerful statement.  So it got us thinking:  Why do we separate our families on Sunday mornings for faith education???

What we are doing about it:  FIRST THINGS! 

The FIRST Sunday of each month parents and children will gather together in the Fellowship Hall for laughter and fun and food and faith. 

Shhh . . . don’t tell the kids that they will be learning strategies to ensure that they will always talk to their parents, even when they become teenagers!  The kids will think we’re all just having fun!

Little POP’s

   Ministry for Birth to pre-Sunday School & Parents
   Meet the SECOND Sunday of each month
   Little POP’s is a new ministry for the youngest of God's children, birth to pre-   Sunday School and their parents.  This ministry will be an opportunity to:
         …build a community of support among families with young children,
         …share and practice ways to pass on faith in Jesus,
         …give parents and child an opportunity to just enjoy being together.
Vacation Bible School
A fun summertime learning event is our annual VBS held usually the first week of August. Highlights are the World's most Dangerous Bible School Band, creative crafts, storytellers and a multi-age format that has proven to be a rich way of developing wonderful relationships among bible school participants. The schedule is mornings nine to noon. Click on "Publications" for newsletter updates.

A Look Back at Vacation Bible School 2009

Have a look at what went on during Vacation Bible School!  View the recap video on YouTube



Confirmation ministry is a step in faith development.


When infants and children are baptized in the Lutheran tradition of the Christian faith, parents promise to help the child grow into the fullness of the faith.  They promise to teach the child the Ten Commandments, the Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer, to give the child the Holy Scriptures, to provide for the child’s instruction in the Christian faith, and to worship with their children.  The congregation helps with these promises by giving Bibles to our Sunday School students, providing Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, and providing a confirmation ministry.


Confirmation gives 8th, 9th, and 10th Grade students the opportunity to closely examine their faith.  This prepares students to affirm their faith in October of Tenth Grade.  In the Rite of Affirmation of Baptism each confirmand proclaims thanks to the Lord, significant family members, and the church, that the God who claimed them in baptism is the Lord of their life.  They promise to follow and serve Jesus Christ in all aspects of their lives.





8th Grade “God Project”

            Confirmands and parents will create a scrapbook which helps them discuss who God is to them.  Each family will share their project with at least two other families, giving participants the opportunity to witness to their faith.


9th Grade “Living Faith”

            Confirmands and parents will choose a way to share their faith through witness and/or service.  Each family will share the outcome of their project with at least two other families.


Worship Notes

While regular worship attendance is expected, 8th and 9th Graders will take nine worship notes each year.  This helps confirmands learn how to listen to a sermon.  It also gives the pastors a way to evaluate their effectiveness in preaching and worship.


10th Grade Stoles and Peer Ministry

            In the fall of 10th Grade confirmands learn the skills to be Christian friends with those around them.  Also, they create stoles reflecting their faith.  On Confirmation Night they have the opportunity to share their faith as they present their stoles to their families and guests the evening before their Confirmation Service.





            Parental support is essential to faith formation.  Parents are encouraged to worship with their young people, to pray for the confirmation program, to encourage their youth in full participation, and to visit sessions from time to time.



            The Prince of Peace pastors teach the lessons for each session using a combination of methods, from lecture to learning games.  Guest speakers may be used to enhance some topics.



            Adult guides will lead small group discussions on each lesson, help apply faith to life, and serve as additional adult support for the teens of the congregation.



            Each 9th grader will choose one adult member of the congregation to be their mentor.  Over the summer before the confirmand's 10th grade year, confirmands and mentors will meet several times to discuss how faith leads their lives in work/school, family, leisure time and church.  A printed guide for each topic will be provided for mentors and students to focus their discussions.

Peer Ministry

Picture yourself talking to a group of youth and asking them to raise their hands if they know someone who:

  • has parents going through a separation or divorce;
  • is struggling with an eating disorder;
  • is misusing drugs or alcohol;
  • has been hurt by a relationship;
  • has been abused;
Adults are often stunned to realize the tough issues that surround our young people on a daily basis. Even more humbling is to realize that when a youth needs help with such issues they turn first to another youth. One way Prince of Peace helps young people help each other is by training Peer Ministers. Peer ministry is an intentional way of training youth who want to know what to do when their friends are struggling.
Prince of Peace trains 10th graders in Peer Ministry who can choose to continue to learn together and pray together and share meals together during their junior and senior years of high school.

A Peer Minister

  • ...loves God, others, and self.
  • genuine and empathetic.
  • ...helps clarify concerns and values.
  • ...listens.
  • ...explores alternatives and consequences.
  • ...knows what questions to ask.
  • ...checks assumptions.
  • ...realizes not all problems can be solved.
  • ...realizes that not all people want to be helped.
  • ...knows when and how to make referrals.
  • ...welcomes outsiders.
  • ...prays for others and their own needs.
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