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"Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy."

Exodus 20:8




Two Options:

Worship at Prince of Peace is Sunday at 9 am.


You will find yourself among welcoming worshippers, easy to follow worship materials, a message that connects to real life and music that can rearrange your inner life. Children are always welcome in worship.


Our worship is rooted deeply in tradition, celebrating the timelessness and mystery of our faith. Centered around Word and Sacrament, our worship is rooted deeply in tradition, celebrating the timelessness and mystery of our faith. Our worship is truly the “liturgy,” that is, “the work of the people.”


We also continue to offer a brief worship service on Prince of Peace’s YouTube channel usually on Saturdays. A link and bulletin is sent in an email to our membership. This virtual worship service is offered for those who are traveling or unable to worship in community. A link is also posted on our Facebook page.

The link to Prince of Peace’s YouTube Channel see below.



  • Sunday mornings at 9 AM (with Holy Communion)

  • On-line Worship service: YouTube link   (available anytime)



We’re a pretty traditional church. We’ve got pews and an organ. We have stained glass that is not real old and our pastors wear robes sometimes (we will not comment on the pastors age).


We practice two sacraments, Communion and Baptism.  We sing hymns, some a few hundred years old.  These things help us remember where we’ve been.  They remind us of the faithfulness of God, who has reliably been showing up when we come together, through word and sacrament for a really long time.


But we’re not stuffy.  There’s an openness and creativity to what we do.  We deeply desire to help one another encounter the living God, who speaks into our lives now, not just then.  We have fun and celebrate beauty.  We welcome everyone, especially kids.  We learn how to be God’s people together through song and prayer, and through sermons that help us see we are a part of God’s story, now and forever.

What to wear.

People wear all kinds of things to church.  Some folks wear suits or dresses and that’s fine. Other people wear jeans and that’s fine too. People even wear shorts or jerseys on game days. We love to see kids with soccer jerseys stopping in for worship prior to their soccer league games.


Come as you are.

“Come into this place. Come in with all of your vulnerabilities and strengths, fears and anxieties, love and hopes. Come into this place where we can touch and be touched, heal and be healed, forgive and be forgiven. Come into this place, together we make it a holy place.” Rebecca Edmiston-Lange 




Music IS Ministry at PoP!


Music holds a very prominent role at PoP. We know that music changes and rearranges us. Our worship is enhanced by music that builds bridges and makes connections. We have an eclectic musical palette and are open to honoring and greatly appreciating the musical gifts that are offered.  Our music ministry includes opportunities with handbells, instruments, voices, and drums! 


At Prince of Peace we weave the ancient wisdom of drumming into a modern day ministry program. We create participatory, collaborative, and creative experiences that are open to all, without the need for any prior music training or expertise.  We strive to develop a rich sense of community, individual expression, depth in meditation and prayer, and physical stress release through drumming.  Anyone with a heartbeat is invited and welcomed into our Drum Circle Ministry. Nourishment for the mind, body, and soul!

Watch the E-Updates for opportunities to participate in music ministry at PoP or email to ask Chris about how you might contribute and get involved.





In the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, water and God’s promises connect the one who is baptized with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This sacrament is an outward sign of our salvation and God’s unbreakable promise to us of forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ. Baptism is once and for all, and it is for people of any age. The Lutheran church baptizes infants because we believe that baptism is God’s gracious action not ours.


Contact a pastor to schedule a date and arrange for a pre-baptism conversation.



A wedding is the making of a lifelong promise before God and the community. If you wish to have a wedding at Prince of Peace, contact the church office.  You do not have to be a member to request a wedding.


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church will welcome any couple wishing to be married in our church, provided they complete a pre-marriage course with or approved by the pastor and have a legal marriage license.



Our Prince of Peace community of faith will accompany you and your loved ones through dying death, and promise of resurrection. To schedule a funeral or memorial service contact the church office. Visitation and a luncheon may also be scheduled.



For any further questions, please have a look at our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us.


Prince of Peace would like to help you schedule a baptism, prepare for your wedding, or walk with you as you plan a funeral.  For further information please read the information below or contact our church office at 507-895-4440.

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