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"Come into this place with all of your vulnerabilities and strengths, fears and anxieties, love and hopes… for together we make it a holy place."

Rebecca Edmiston-Lange


You're here! Thanks for visiting us, digitally anyway.

If you are looking for a good church to hang out with it all depends on how you measure “good.”


We measure “good” in terms of:

  • Community – when we say “we” we always mean one more.

  • Being hurry avoidant – our souls are fed by quality time, not by busyness.

  • Beautiful questions such as - Is our trust with one another growing? Are our prayer lives deepening? Are our life choices better enabling us to give and receive love? 

  • Connection – face to face is our favorite but digitally connecting works too. 

  • Uniqueness - which is a classy way of saying “weird.” We believe differences are God’s idea so we do our best to embrace our weirdness.

  • Worship - that connects our stories to God’s story.

  • People - who are willing to be led by holy hints, nudges, and listening.

  • Trust - which creates the environment for play and celebration, vulnerability and truth telling. 

We are of community faith - holy, honored, precious and loved – doing our best to make God visible to the world God so loves. So we try to love, the way God first loved us. It’s tough sometimes, but that’s why we do it together.


To learn more about what we do, click through our site.  Or if you can’t find what you’re looking for give us a call, we’d love to hear your voice.  Thanks for visiting us here, and we can’t wait to see you face to face sometime soon.

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