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"What does the LORD require of you but to do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?"

Micah 6:8


Two hungers we have today are to belong to a community and with that community to make a difference that matters. Our PoP community serves neighbors near and far, from feeding the hungry through the La Crescent Food Shelf, to serving at a soup kitchen in La Crosse, to responding to the refugee crisis to partnering with Lutherans in Ethiopia, Peru and the Czech Republic. Serving others helps us follow in the footsteps of Jesus.



Provides a financial response to the refugee issue, also an advocacy group with a mission to educate ourselves and others on refugee issues. People participate on second Sunday by giving to our refugee response baskets.


Children collect hunger jar dollars the Fourth Sunday of the month to support local and global hunger efforts. Once year a congregational hunger drive is undertaken.


Nominees for council are communally discerned during worship each fall. As group our church council:

  • Delegates authority

  • Allows task groups to act. Allows for experimentation, risk and failure.

  • Allows things to die. Inspired by the cross we are not afraid of change. It is inevitable.

  • Spiritually nurtured council members are visible proponents of the vision, saying no to ideas that distract from the vision. Building task groups to translate vision into action.

  • Controls its own agenda.

  • Developing new leaders and follow-through are foci.

  • Oversees budgets and formulates policies, communicates a transparent sense of purpose and direction.

  • Goal is to make as few decisions as possible.

  • Partners

  • With pastors and staff agreeing on a short list of priorities for the next year or two.

  • Staff act as resource for task groups.

  • Council asks: Are we on course with our strategic plan?

  • Hosts future-oriented conversations.

  • Activating the wisdom of the congregation.

  • Staying attentive to the pulse, concerns, perceptions of congregational members.


Council members serve on one of three council teams: Oversight, Community, Formation.

View our team goals sheet here.


Are a group of compatible people with complementary gifts assembled by the council to accomplish a goal in a given period of time and then disband.

Task groups are made up of doers, not talkers.

Task groups are how new life comes into the church, new leaders develop, how spiritual gifts get honored.


Altar Guild – A group that gets the sanctuary ready for worship.

Building & Grounds – A group that takes care of our physical assets.

Cemetery Volunteer – Mowing all summer or participating in spring/fall workdays.

Church Council – Nominees are raised up each fall during worship. Its task is to discern what God is up to in our lives and neighborhood using prayer, scripture and reason.

Endowment – Practicing philanthropy

Evangelism Team – Practicing welcome and hospitality.

Faith Formation – The practice of learning God’s story and finding our place in it.

Finance Task Group – Budgets, numbers, and good stewardship practices

Kitchen Committee – Supporting meal ministries of our kitchen area.

Stewardship Team – The practice of gratitude, generosity.

Worship Decorating – The practice of beauty.

Fix-it Guys – Grab a hammer & wrench and help with projects.

Quilters – Turning scraps into useful artful blankets and sending them around the globe.

Prayer Chain – Talking and listening to God with and for others.

Prayer Shawls – Knitting hugs from God for those who are in need of one.

Home Communion – Delivering Communion to homebound members.

Come For Supper – Serving a monthly supper at Our Savior’s Lutheran in La Crosse.

Food Shelf – Volunteering at our community food shelf.

Scrip – A fundraiser for PoP ministries.

Equal Exchange – Coffee/Tea/Chocolate supporting small farmers around the world.

Use this tool to discover your spiritual gifts.



ELCA World Hunger Appeal

ELCA Global Missionaries & YAGMs

Lutheran World Relief (Quilts)

Companion Synods – Peru

Companion Synod - Czech Republic

LIRS - Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service



ELCA Colleges & Seminaries

Lutheran Office of Public Policy

LSS (Lutheran Social Service)

La Crosse Area Synod

Lutheran Disaster Response

Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts of America

On Eagle’s Wings Ministries


Local – Faith Based

La Crescent United Methodist Church

Crucifixion Catholic Parish

La Crescent Evangelical Free Church

Twelve Step Groups (2)

Our Saviors, La Crosse. Come for Supper

Church Women United

La Crosse Warming Center

Sugar Creek Bible Camp

PoP Mission Endowment Fund

Lutheran Campus Ministry of La Crosse


Local - Community


La Crescent Hokah ISD 300

La Crescent Rotary Club

La Crescent Lions & Leos

La Crescent Health Care Center

La Crescent Senior Dining

La Crescent Chamber of Commerce

La Crescent Senior Dining

Neighbor’s Day

Mobile Meals

Neighbors in Action

La Crescent Food Shelf

La Crosse Chamber Chorale

Coulee Region Harpists

Houston County Daycare Association

Houston County Home Health Nurses

La Crescent Community Education

ABLE CRP Training

Houston County Community Service

Local piano recitals

Host to anniversaries, showers and other celebrations

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