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Updated: May 15, 2022

In Jesus' parable of the fig tree the gardener could see possibilities for the barren tree. Applying the story to our lives we asked who is someone that perceived possibilities in us?

Someone who saw possibilities in me that I didn’t see…

· Pastor Baardseth asked me to be the church treasurer though it was not my training in school.

· I was changed by a high school track coach going out of their way to give me extra attention, even though I wasn’t very good at track.

· As I listened to my daughter introduce me to her in-laws for the first time her pride in me renewed my energy for a program I run that I was about to drop out of.

· When my wife told me to outlive her.

· A colleague encouraged me to go back to school to join a new profession. I did and worked 15 years in my new profession before retiring.

· Barb asked me to case manage a very difficult case. I accomplished it.

· My Aunt Becky was an example to me of being a selfless, loving, patient and kind person as I worked for her for two summers as a teenager at a summer camp for kids with many challenges. They were life changing summers.

· My parents died when I was 21 & 22 years old, just as I was embarking on adult life and they had prepared me for it.

· John Haugan always saw potential in me – he truly served as a mentor to me in school and still does to this day.

· My mother always encouraged me to be a Christian, instilled God’s values in me and taught me to trust that God’s way will lead to success in my life.

· Pastor Mattes always nurtured me with unconditional love and encouragement.

· My Grandpa Roman taught his work ethic as I helped on the farm as a child shoveling grain.

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