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In December of 2016 we asked those in worship: Where are you seeing hope?

Here is what we came up with that Sunday.

In our granddaughters

I see hope in nature, where I instantly think of God and God is my ultimate hope



Grandchildren’s faces & eyes

Beauty of nature

Hope comes in and goes out of my life. What is life or to experience joy if we don’t have hope?

Loving relationships

Fresh fallen snow

Hope is like the snow that covers our dirty world as God’s forgiveness takes away, washes away our sin. Eventually the snow will melt and the cycle will repeat over and over again.

In children & young people

Daily devotion time

Children’s excitement

Hope is looking to the day when God chooses us to be with him, no more heartache, pain, struggle or disappointment

Small random acts of kindness

First snowfalls

Sunday worship

In family seeking help for family issues

In my wife’s firm beliefs

The uptick in volunteerism since the election

In each new sunrise, each new day

When children cheerfully lead

In amazing relationships with my adult children

When walking with my dog

In our congregation’s response to our own needs and the needs beyond our doors.

In new perspectives

My hope is found in God’s love

Unexpected/unsolicited acts of kindness

Our precious child cancer survivor

I hear hope in music

In the word of the Lord

In people/young adults/babies

In the hardy beauty of spring wildflowers

In my brave, courageous students who stand in the face of fear and stereo types every single day

In our youth

In the stars when I walk at night. After thousands of years they still point the direction to go

Experiencing the promise of new beginnings as people sit down to talk and listen to someone who does not share their values or perspectives

In a 600 voice choir of young people

In the seeds of a sequoia and the pines that sprout following a fire

In Christmas lights. If people work that hard to beautify their homes it must mean part of their spirit still shines. Where there is light and life there is hope

Through the eyes of my kids

In my husband and daughter

In God’s word

In knowledge and understanding I find hope

When snow is melting and spring is coming

Hope comes in many forms. It can change from day to day. Thank God for hope! For me right now I find hope in the people around me.

In the eyes of a child celebrating an 8th birthday when at birth they weren’t expected to live more than a few moments

Music can fill me with hope

In volunteerism

Grace brings me to hope

The innocent faces of grandkid and their enthusiasm for life

In my baptism

In the smiles of a 2nd grader battling cancer. They could curl up and hold a pity party but instead they are choosing to live life to the fullest and relish moments

In receiving Jesus body and blood

Through two knowledgeable and wonderful pastors

In my daily reading of God’s word

In babies which is God’s way of saying the world should go on

In my best friends and family

In our new president

In Holy Communion

Knowing that the world is full of kind, sharing and good people

In being generous

In the Holy Spirit working in my son’s life as he opens his heart for God’s purpose for him

In positive attitudes

I hear hope in pastors’ sermons

In church

In student’s eyes when they finally “get it”

In the new president

In the words of the pastor

In the love of family

In the health of our congregation

In my grandmother

When I see the star on the hill

In my heart (one must always look within)

Spending time in God’s word each day

In meeting new people

Looking out over the river valley with trees covered in snow

Running into people at the store or a restaurant unexpectedly.

In the generosity in Tri-state region

Going to church with kids

The gifts of seeing and hearing give my heart the lift of a living hope

That God is answering prayers for the healing of my grandnephew and that family can celebrate healing and Christmas together

In the promise of better tomorrows

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