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August Gratitudes

When did God use someone to bless you this week?

A peek at what God is doing among us.

· I received an email from another church member that said, “You go girl!” — And I will.

· Family spent hours this week helping me set up my classroom so I am ready for the school year.

· It was raining hard and I was waiting in the store’s entry way. This man went to his car and got his umbrella and walked me to my car – a total stranger. That made God visible.

· “People can be so kind. Words have a huge impact. Thank you Pastor Kent and Pastor Mike for your kinds and powerful words during the time of my mother’s death, the visitation and funeral. I am blessed with a supportive church family.”

—Dannette Jacob

· When I walked into church and saw that we were celebrating Carol Jones’ life and at the same time giving life through the blood drive.

· When a loved one gave in and let me help her when she needed it. It made me feel good to be able to help her. It was a blessing for both of us.

· When people came to give blood that will go to strangers. The gift of life!

· When Kenley joined her mother in singing the Alleluia Sunday morning (mentioned by several).

· When a church friend gifted me with a loaf of homemade bread this week.

· It was when a nurse practitioner who treated me for medical condition I had let go too long. She told me that in order to care for everyone in our lives, we need to care for ourself first. I was so thankful she reminded me of something I tell others but didn’t bless myself with.

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