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Pastor Misinterprets the Masking Policy & the Grace of a Chicken-Q

Today was the day – our first ever congregational Chicken Q and Bake Sale. We are raising funds to support a Habitat for Humanity home build in the neighborhood.

Like everything else these days of humidity and 90+ degrees ticket sales had been sluggish, but one afternoon during the week changed our outlook.

First a member called to purchase 80 Chicken-Q meals to support the home build and told us to give the meals away. A Facebook post soon followed from our synod office wondering if congregations could help feed the homeless population in a city park.

You see where this is going, right?

A hot meal for the homeless, a big boost in support of the Habitat House is fine and dandy but the graced moment (with a capital “G”) happened during the church announcement time.

Ashley is the young (early 30’s) leader of the Chicken Q and Dessert Throw Down. Her energy and optimism had been contagious during this getting ready period. Today she told us why she got involved.

Ashley grew up in a Habitat House. She was 14 years old when her mom and siblings moved in and she remembers working on her home and what that still means to her. She said moving into their own home, “changed her life.” She elaborated on her statement, “IT BROKE THE CYCLE OF POVERTY IN MY FAMILY.”

That is the line that caught my attention because every time I have ever heard the phrase, “break the cycle of poverty” it has been with an aspirational tone of voice – a wish, a goal. This morning this woman is laying the good news on us – she experienced the cycle of poverty get busted in her family home. I never thought that a Chicken Q can be part of the change of a family for generations. Her brother still lives in the house with his family. Ashley, by the way, owns her own home.

Oh - the sacramental presence in worship this day!

A baby baptized,

a congregation fed at the Lord’s Table,

50 roses distributed in honor of a 50th wedding anniversary

and Ashley’s story of the bondage of poverty undone.

We all agreed that as far as Chicken Q’s go, this one might have been the tastiest we’ve ever eaten.

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