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Did You Notice?

July 18, 2021

Did you notice these stories Sunday?

· Did you notice Sunday the number of children in worship because the environment was safer for them thanks to people masking?

· Did you notice it was the first time in over a year for our keyboardist and soloist to lead worship? Think of the practice, behind the scenes during the week, it took for us to not really notice anything out of the ordinary. Thank you Christi and Lydia.

· Did you notice that we shared the peace on Sunday – not touching or walking through each other’s aerosols but with sign language.

· Did you notice the 5 year who shared his rainbow drawing during the peace?

· Did you know that drawing brought tears to another member who had seen a picture of a rainbow over the caravan of cars that brought home the remains of 9 Rosebud Sioux children from the Canadian boarding school tragedy? Our older member interpreted the drawing as God’s powerful grace that keeps all vulnerable people in connection with God.

· Did you notice the tears around the room as Holy Communion was shared together – for some it was the first time in a long time and emotional to have Jesus so present. For others it was the first Communion with their loved one who is now with God. Holy, holy, holy moments – worthy of tears.

· Did you notice the baby who came to our church for the very first time? The person in church because someone provided them a ride? The person back from heart surgery? The ushers who arrived early to welcome us? The young family or the parent of a current member looking for a church to call their home? They were all here.

· Did you make the connection that we did not hear our church bell in the morning and the next day we received word that Clark, one of the people who rang that bell the most, had passed through death into our Lord’s eternal care?

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