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First Communion

Our fourth graders have been getting ready to come to the Lord’s Table. We played a game called "Quick Line-Up" to practice being more one, than many.

Quickly (or not so quickly) they lined up according to their height (competed for tallest, but not shortest), their middle name, the # of cousins they have.

Then they started to line up to form shapes: Get into a square (failure) How about a triangle? (failure) I was thinking about a line but instead I went with the shape of a communion wafer. Everyone smiled and circled up instantly.

How about the shape of the wine chalice? – harder but doable.

Back in circle I said show me what sin looks like. And they turned their backs to one another and then drifted off to all corners of this room creating as much distance as possible between themselves.

OK show me forgiveness. And like prodigal fathers and mothers they ran back and created a giggly circle no larger than a hula hoop with all nine of them compressed together as ONE.

Moms and dads and I were impressed at their improvisation skills.

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