• Mike Woods

God Has Left the Building

In your life beyond church walls how is God currently nourishing your soul?

Morning prayers

Reading my Bible

Helping others

Conversations with family and friends

Bible devotions

Time spent with children and grandchild

Cabin Coffee group

Confirmation guiding and the spiritual growth of my girls

Daily prayer

Sharing home

Communion with others

Circle of friendships

Supporting neighbors who are stressed


Providing financial support to people and groups

What part of our life together makes you come alive?

Sunday mornings

Helping at funerals

Circle meetings

In communion with friends


Lenten suppers and services


Bell Choir

At the communion rail

Family Center project


Forgiving John

Sunday school kids

The variety of music, meals, worship ways and outreach programs

Social concern projects

Church council


Seeing new needs and changing to as those needs appear.

Families together

Same gender wedding discussions

There’s something for everyone here

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