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Lord Have Mercy

We may be a new congregation as we renew our in-person worship. Even so, our stories of loss are many and profound over this past year. We sang Hymns of Praise in our homes during pandemic. We also prayed Kyrie Eleison which means, Lord have mercy. Our Back of the Bulletin Question this week is:

This past year name something that made you pray, “Lord have mercy” and how that news made you feel in your body.

· When I heard that my relative had COVID and my heart tightened in my chest. Lord have mercy.

· When my hospital floor changed to treating only covid like a gut punch. Lord have mercy.

· When our visit exposed grandpa to covid, my arms went numb. Lord have mercy.

· When our capital was stormed, shook me to my core. Lord have mercy.

· When the siblings gathered alone with mom and dad for the first time in 40 years and then 8 weeks later Dad died. Lord have mercy.

· Thinking about the PTSD to come. Lord have mercy.

· When hospitals in this country had to choose who to treat and who to let die. Lord have mercy.

· The stress of running a business and protecting your clients from getting sick. Lord have mercy.

· Watching health care and other essential workers, like soldiers, being willing to lay down their lives. Lord have mercy.

· At the onset of COVID and our brother serving in the US Air Force in Sweden was forced to leave. Lord have mercy.

· Not being able to say good-bye to dying ones. Still can’t watch much TV news. Lord have mercy.

· During the period of no in-person worship I felt like I needed God’s mercy as my faith wavered. Lord have mercy.

· Faced a lot of fear at the beginning of the pandemic, trusting sanitizers and shields for safety. Even now I am anxious with things opening up. Lord have mercy.

· As my colleagues, one by one, lost their jobs due to COVID cutbacks. Lord have mercy.

· When our 13 year old dog died of a heart attack on our child’s 5th birthday. Our hearts feel broken. Lord have mercy.

· Walk into church after 15 months and this is what we get? Lord have mercy.


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