• Mike Woods

New Ways

June 27, 2021

A couple celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and then left for the North Shore so they were not in church this morning.

No problem.

I stuck a giant Post-it note to the front of our altar with their cell number and e-mail address and invited the assembly to take out their phones and fire off some anniversary greetings.

Loving this new social media prowess in the congregation.

I had open heart surgery just before COVID-tide and this month was our first in-person gathering in our sanctuary. An 80-something year old widow who is … let us say … unfiltered, sees me. In a loud raspy voice she says, “I was worried that I would never see YOU again!”

I responded with, “It’s always preferable to be seen rather than viewed. I’m glad you are so full of energy to be here.”

“Oh, I have been taking Communion every week online. Never miss it, but I did run out of wine a couple of months ago. I have been using Gatorade ever since!”

“Well, that might explain your energy,” I noted.

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