• Mike Woods


Share an occasion of exquisite attention that you named, prayer.

· A woman told the story (Sunday after worship) of finding her horse lying in the field some time ago. It was having a heart attack. While her husband went to get the vet, she cradled its head on her thighs and sang to it. After a while she looked up to find herself completely surrounded by all the animals in the field, cows, horses, border collies - they were all in a circle and just silently watching. Then a mare came forward, the dying horse’s daughter, and nuzzled her mother and then the woman and then returned to the circle. The woman said: I have never felt more peace in a moment than I did that moment, praying with the animals.

· Kathy Rosenberg writes: Often on drives by myself, I have long private talks with God. Time flies when in those prayer times, and before I know it I’ve arrived … in more ways than one.

· God speaks to me in my morning chores, in part because I am not talking I suppose. I have grown accustomed to almost daily hearing God guide me about one thing or another. Mornings are holy times.

· I experienced a deep hurt from a family member. I had prayed to be at peace with it. One evening in an “unofficial” prayer, I felt that heaviness lifted – like God had just taken it. I have that family relationship again and it is better, not perfect, but much better. I will never forget that . It was peaceful and freeing.

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