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Spiritual Practices

Have you ever fixed your computer or phone by just turning it off and on? Isn’t it amazing how often that works? If turning your computer off and on cures a host of maladies think about what regularly stopping for a whole day can do for one’s soul.

Sabbath keeping has never been more important or less practiced than in our current culture. Our spirits do not grow in the soil of multi-tasked busyness. Instead of being our basic foundation, spiritual practices such as taking one day off in seven have somehow become a luxury that we squeeze in when we can.

Talking about spiritual practices, while we all have our favorite go to ones when is the last time you experimented with a new practice? With all the change in our lives it only makes sense that different or new practices might speak to us in helpful ways – if we give them a try.

Drum circle is a spiritual practice that is new to most of us. Drumming as a way of prayer, not a performance is surprising folks around here. “I can’t clap to a beat but I love drumming circle,” said one person. Another confessed, “I have never been able to meditate but I can when drumming.”

Drum Circle March 24 after worship

Why not try something new. You can pop in to drum circle whenever you like. Contact Chris Gustafson at for our upcoming drum circle schedule.

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