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Thank you

So - thank you for the thoughts and prayers and cards. Since being operated on twice a week ago Friday. Yesterday I made my first two phone calls. Today I spent some time opening up cards and well wishes.

My story in a nutshell is that the pain and weakness is more severe than I imagined but also the benefit and impact on my life going forward is more positive than I imagined.

Since coming home Friday I have been achy as I still have 11 holes in my body and a 12 inch scar down my chest for hole # 12. Thirty-six inches of leg vein were harvested and put to use in providing my heart with enough blood. The drawings that I have seen of my heart and arteries look like the rings of freeways that surround metropolitan centers.

The blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) that accompanied me on my journey home seems to have dissolved. Tomorrow I will ease myself into the backseat of Karen’s Honda CRV and cross the Mississippi back to the hospital to begin my cardiac rehabilitation.

Though I am pretty vulnerable right now my Christmas gift this year is about 35 years of more life. From radioactive isotopes to humming – I have experienced the wonder that is medicine. I have had the physical sensation of feeling prayers. I have seen what I mean to people and just how grateful I can be for just about anything.

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