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How to Apply a Bible Story to Life

First come up with a question that feels worthy of exploration such as: How do you know that Jesus is real, not just made up?

Next find a story that leads you deeper into your question such as when the risen from the dead Jesus pops in his surprised followers. Read Luke 24:36b-48… right now … I’ll wait.

As you read the account in Luke 24 keep your question in the forefront. How do we know Jesus is real? First thing Jesus says is, “Peace be with you.” Evidently when we share peace and receive it back from others something deeper is going on. So reflect back on the previous week. When was there a time when you had an opportunity to share God’s peace (however you define this term) with someone? Go back imaginatively into that encounter. What might God have been up to there? If you were to reconnect with that person, what might God want to do?

Jesus tells them, "Look and see my hands and my feet." When we are willing to suffer the scars of another evidently that has some holiness to it. For example think of your best friend – do you know what hurts them? Of course you do, that’s part of what true friendship entails. So getting back to looking at scars and wounds - who or what is inviting you to deploy your awareness?

"He ate a piece of fish in their presence." Can we surmise that were two or three gather to eat together and bring out the good in one another the spirit of the risen Jesus is close by? Maybe this is time to try some fun homework. See if you can set up a lunch with someone and then build that person up and pay attention how that makes you feel.

Jesus tells them and us, "You are witnesses of these things." Evidently being part of a community that sees the peace, hope and love of God in us — matters. Are you part of a small group that does this? If not, how does the idea of such a group sound?

See you in church,

Pastor Mike Woods

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