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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

You have been blessed to be a blessing. – God to Abraham and Sarah

The one single sentence I have uttered that has changed my life in ways I could not even imagine went like this: In the presence of God and these friends, I take thee, Karen, to be my wife, promising, with divine assistance, to be unto thee a loving and faithful husband as long as we both shall live.

As the calendar page flips to September we enter what has now become the popular months for weddings – the colorful and cooler weekends of autumn. I’m not sure why September and October have replaced June as the optimum time for celebrating God’s gift of love. Maybe it has something to do with the meteoric rise in barn venue weddings, and how warm a barn can get on a sunny day?

Everybody becomes a storyteller when the topic turns to weddings. The best stories aren’t always the ones where the flower girl decided to take out her coloring book and crayons at the feet of the line of bridesmaids or when the Black Lab flawlessly fulfilled his job as ring bearer. But what do you expect when you enlist a two year old or a four legged to be part of your wedding party?

I suggest that you drill down a little deeper to discover the best stories. Look past the happy faces posing for selfies and seek instead the faces whose eyes look like they are remembering something that makes them sparkle with joy. Take note of who looks a little extra peaceful, the ones who sit calmly observing all the action, instead of being the action.

Recently I noticed such a couple. They had found a vantage point on the perimeter of the hub-bub and were contentedly holding hands, taking it all in. Turns out they were the grandparents of the groom. I commented on what a wise grandson they had, choosing his birthday for his wedding day. He will never forget his wedding anniversary.

It was then grandma and grandpa’s smiles grew large. They told me this wedding today also lines up with their wedding anniversary. This next week they will observe their 60th trip around the sun together. Their story - which I cannot do justice to - they way they both told it, finishing each other’s sentences and taking turns adding little details of information was received as a gift.

They never got to their honeymoon. They set out for Chicago but in 1958 recapped tires weren’t as dependable as tires today. With no spare they were left stranded short of the Second City. They had to cancel their reservations. Their honeymoon never happened - until this coming week that is. Sixty years after their first honeymoon they will be setting out for Chicago with their children to celebrate their wedding and marriage and children and grandchildren and lives.

Truth be told, as I listened to their story and saw the joy in their eyes and how their hands never let go – one could make the case that they have enjoyed one of the longest honeymoons ever.

“In Christ all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

Pastor Mike Woods

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